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"Indian food made from scratch, made with love"
Address: 200 Maple Ave East, Vienna, VA (located inside the Mobil Gas Station)
(571) 378-0867

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Yes!! we are inside the Gas Station C-Store

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Welcome to Chit Chaat Cafe

Typical Punjabi dishes make up most of the menu, and the versions at Chit Chaat are reminiscent of home-style cooking, redolent with fresh spices and a depth of flavor that only comes from slow cooking.

One crowd favorite has been a samosa burrito. The freshly fried, potato-stuffed morsel gets tucked into a tortilla and dressed up with spicy chickpeas and hot and sweet chutneys, then grilled and wrapped. Maggie Sukhwani, one of the Puri daughters, came up with the idea as a spin on an Indian snack favorite, packaged in an easy takeaway format.

Pani puri kits have also been a big hit. A street food staple in India, the crispy semolina shells are served with the necessary accoutrements. Customers can crack the top of the puris, stuff it with the potato masala, dunk it into the cup of sweet, tangy, and spicy pani (liquid). The generous helping makes the interactive snack big enough to function as a family-size appetizer.


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